Safety while ascending and descending ladders remains a key issue in many different market sectors. In addition to providing safety, solutions that address these needs cannot restrict operators from completing their work.


Rather than utilising a webbed shock absorber that will deteriorate over time, the shuttle device employs a revolutionary metallic absorber to significantly reduce the forces on the user to less than loads allowed by governing bodies.

A key benefit of this technology is the absence of a limited life span common to other metallic parts. Providing the unit passes inspections, Railok™ 90 devices can be used indefinitely.

Additionally, the unique energy absorption properties of the metallic shock absorber restrict normal fall distances, thereby minimising the risks involved. These features provide confidence to the user and security for the client.

Ease of use

The ability of the shuttle device to run the length of the rail unhindered is essential.

Any snagging of the shuttle would make it difficult to move freely on the system and could pose safety issues. Addressing this concern, and a key advantage of the

Railok™ 90 system is the smooth operation during ascent and descent provided by the design of the shuttle. While allowing freedom of movement up and down, the shuttle locks instantly on the rail in the event of a fall, minimising fall distances and forces on the user.

Vertical fall arrest systems should not restrict foot space on the ladder rungs nor offer resistance to the user as they climb or descend. Made from high-strength extruded stainless steel or aluminium, the Railok™ 90 vertical rail system is available with a wide range of brackets providing installation options in many different configurations – even with narrow gauge ladders where foot space is restricted. These options make the system suitable for many different applications across all market sectors.

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