Inspection and Reporting

“Without having to use expensive traditional access solutions, RIGCOM Access guarantees to provide you a rapid, cost effective, facade access solution for all your inspection service needs.”

RIGCOM Access provides our clients with a range of inspection reporting services via Rope Access. Inspection work can generally only require a technician to be in one location for a short period of time, so the use of traditional scaffolding to carry out inspections would dramatically increase the cost of the inspection works.

Rope Access techniques have dramatically changed the way in which inspection programs are conducted. Allowing for rapid access, and quick set up times, inspections can now be carried out in a fraction of the time and cost of using traditional access methods. This gives engineers flexibility to carry out unplanned inspection tasks to ensure that the structures continue to remain safe.

Structures that RIGCOM Access are able to access and carry out inspections of are, but not limited to:

  • Multi-level buildings
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Pipes
  • Air Conditioning Vents
  • Bridges
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Dams
  • Towers
  • Chimneys

As part of our inspection services, full detail reports are provided back to our clients to enable them to make the best decisions necessary for any remedial actions that may be require. RIGCOM Access are also able to provide solutions for those remedial works. We are also able to assist engineers to access facades themselves should they require to do so.

Carrying out regular programmed inspections of our clients assets allows for early detection of problems. Potentially saving our clients $1000’s of dollars. Rope Access offers a rapid and efficient way to carry out programmed inspection works. It’s financially viable and provides an instant way to access facades and the locations requiring inspections and maintenance.

Without having to use expensive traditional access solutions, RIGCOM Access GUARANTEES to provide you a rapid, cost effective, height access solution for all your inspection services needs. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

Recent Projects

Painting is an art form that our experienced Rope Access technicians are more than capable of carrying out at heights. From painting patches to full building facades.
Trained Rope Access technicians can be provided to carry out your plumbing requirements. From plumbing in building voids to gutters and downpipes.
Remedial Works
Pro-active, rather than Reactive maintenance ensure you keep your building servicing costs down. Our teams are able to carry out a variety of remedial works on your buildings.
Inspection and Reporting
By carrying out detailed inspections, providing supporting reports, allows our clients to best manage their building maintenance issues. These reports are critical for reducing and forecasting their maintenance costs.


Our teams provide a range of Rope Access solutions to meet many different industrial locations and requirements.


Carrying out minor sealing jobs, to replacing large panels of glass on glass wall curtains. Our teams are capable of fulfilling your project requirements.

Confined Space and Rescue

Carrying out works in a confined space requires a high level of skill and training. Our teams are more than qualified to confined space projects, or provide stand-by rescue for your projects

Tension Netting

Rapid installation and low costs can make Tension Netting an ideal solution to provide a flexible working platform to carryout a range of maintenance and inspection tasks.

Building Maintenance

Rope Access provides a unique rapid access solution to carry out a variety of building maintenance tasks. From window cleaning to concrete cancer repairs our team can meet your needs.

Sign & Banner Installations

Our teams are efficient and effective when it comes to the installation of Banners and Signage at height. Using Rope Access helps reduce all those unwanted access issues you can get.

'We decided to use RIGCOM Access because they were able to comply with the EU CE marking, providing pre-certified European components and assurance that our documentation requirements would be met. RIGCOM Access provided us with an unexpectedly helpful service and flexibility, particularly during installation when the installation team accommodated the difficulties of site planning without fuss or complaint. We would recommend RIGCOM Access for anyone that requires a professional permanent lifeline system installed with minimum hassle.'

Aidan Allen, Sr Field Engineer, Hatch.