Industrial – Pipework Maintenance & Repairs

The use of Rope Access and Tension Netting services provided by RIGCOM Access are highly effective and efficient ways of accessing areas which require Pipe Work, Maintenance & Repairs. Technicians can safely and cost effectively gain access to areas to conduct modifications, repairs and maintenance with a focus on quality workmanship, whist not compromising safety standards.

RIGCOM Access supplies trade qualified Rope Access certified welders, pipefitters and boiler-makers to carry out Construction, Maintenance and De-commissioning activities across a broad range of structure and locations. These including but are not limited to:

  • Fabrication
  • Structural Welding
  • Pipe Welding
  • MIG, TIG, Arc Welding
  • Plasma & Oxy Cutting
  • PEX Pipe Fitting
  • M.S. & Copper Pipe Fitting
  • Pipe Insulation including Risers, Production Piping etc.
  • Installation of Hydraulic Lines and Systems
  • Wall Bracket / Flange Positioning
  • Plant shutdown maintenance planning & management
  • Crane structure & hydraulics repairs & replacement
  • Heavy Rigging

Rope Access and Tension Netting offers a rapid and efficient way to carry out Pipe Work, Maintenance & Repairs. They’re financially viable and provide an instant way to access the hard to reach locations requiring the works. Traditional Scaffolding can be expensive and slow, and might not even get you to the location you need to reach. Save time and money utilising RIGCOM Access’s Rope Access and Tension Netting Maintenance & Repair solutions.

Without having to use expensive and slow traditional access solutions, RIGCOM Access GUARANTEES to provide you a quick, cost effective, Maintenance & Repair solution. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

Inspection and Testing (NDT)
Our teams offer a variety of Inspection and testing services. Utilising NDT techniques to help you monitor and maintain your facilities.
Facilities Maintenance
We are able to help our clients reduce down times using our advanced Rope Access teams to gain quick access to hard to reach areas carrying out a variety of works.
Pipework Maintenance & Repairs
Ensuring pipes remain serviceable is critical to asset managers, as a damaged/ broken pipe can lead to costly, lengthy down times. Our teams help minimise this by working with facility managers to maintain their assets.
Fabric Maintenance
Using a variety of maintenance techniques our teams are able to help asset/ facility managers keep their plants operational with our teams of specialised Rope Access technicians.


Our teams provide a range of Rope Access solutions to meet many different industrial locations and requirements.


Carrying out minor sealing jobs, to replacing large panels of glass on glass wall curtains. Our teams are capable of fulfilling your project requirements.

Confined Space and Rescue

Carrying out works in a confined space requires a high level of skill and training. Our teams are more than qualified to confined space projects, or provide stand-by rescue for your projects

Tension Netting

Rapid installation and low costs can make Tension Netting an ideal solution to provide a flexible working platform to carryout a range of maintenance and inspection tasks.

Building Maintenance

Rope Access provides a unique rapid access solution to carry out a variety of building maintenance tasks. From window cleaning to concrete cancer repairs our team can meet your needs.

Sign & Banner Installations

Our teams are efficient and effective when it comes to the installation of Banners and Signage at height. Using Rope Access helps reduce all those unwanted access issues you can get.

'We have found RIGCOM Access to be a breath of fresh air in the industry, in regards to compliance and reliability not just in the way they conduct their work but the quality of work they finish off and provide back to us. I would thoroughly and highly recommend RIGCOM Access for any height access, or Rope Access work and fully endorse them and their products for anybody in a variety of industries.'

Luke Schibeci, WHSE Manager, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust