Sign & Banner Installations

Get Exposure TODAY: Same Day High Exposure Sign & Banner Installations.

Quick, Cost Effective, And Safe Installations
Only by RIGCOM Access

Looking to get a Sign Higher or Banner to high to reach to take down?

Look no further! RIGCOM’s Rope Access Team makes Your Business – HIGH VISIBILITY Easy!

Stop Worrying about the Cost or the Stress of getting that Sign where you want it. RIGCOM Access is Affordable and Fast!

You are Leaving $$$ on the table every day by missing out by failing to capture the public eye. Put that sign or banner where you want it and get the traffic you want in your store today! RIGCOM’s Rope Access teams is the industry expert in Sign and Banner Installation and Removal!

RIGCOM’s Rope Access Teams quickly and easily install those signs and banners that get your business so much more opportunity to the public eye.

Scaffolding takes twice as long, can often be more expensive, and more dangerous than Rope Access. Rope Access techniques make these highly visible, highly desirable areas easy to reach and quickly completed.


FACT: Under the Australia New Code of Practice, Fines have INCREASED By 2000% If you Do Not Comply with the Height Regulations!

Common Sign And Banner Installations completed via Rope Access:

  • Billboards
  • Buildings
  • Rooftops
  • Walkways
  • Bridges


What Others Say:

“Brilliant job. Since day one, the ease and speed for which this project was done was amazing. From the initial site inspection through to implementation, your communications were great and the ease of implementation shows. It looks fantastic, I’m really happy. Pleasure doing business with you and looking forward to the next one.” Michael Headington, Sign*a*rama

RIGCOM Access GUARANTEES every installation every time – so you can rest assured we will be there where and when you need us!


Sign & Banner Assessments

Call a RIGCOM Access Expert Today for a FREE Sign & Banner Assessment. Your safe access problem is no problem to us! We provide you with a detailed assessment and a fully costed proposition to best serve you. Call RIGCOM Access NOW for your Free consultation on 1300 893 230 or email contact us

Recent Projects


Our teams provide a range of Rope Access solutions to meet many different industrial locations and requirements.


Carrying out minor sealing jobs, to replacing large panels of glass on glass wall curtains. Our teams are capable of fulfilling your project requirements.

Confined Space and Rescue

Carrying out works in a confined space requires a high level of skill and training. Our teams are more than qualified to confined space projects, or provide stand-by rescue for your projects

Tension Netting

Rapid installation and low costs can make Tension Netting an ideal solution to provide a flexible working platform to carryout a range of maintenance and inspection tasks.

Building Maintenance

Rope Access provides a unique rapid access solution to carry out a variety of building maintenance tasks. From window cleaning to concrete cancer repairs our team can meet your needs.

Sign & Banner Installations

Our teams are efficient and effective when it comes to the installation of Banners and Signage at height. Using Rope Access helps reduce all those unwanted access issues you can get.

'We have found RIGCOM Access to be a breath of fresh air in the industry, in regards to compliance and reliability not just in the way they conduct their work but the quality of work they finish off and provide back to us. I would thoroughly and highly recommend RIGCOM Access for any height access, or Rope Access work and fully endorse them and their products for anybody in a variety of industries.'

Luke Schibeci, WHSE Manager, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust